Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At the receiving end

Our team, The Mysore Gymkhana is used to be at the 'receiving end' - happily receiving trophies after winning matches! But we members (barring a few) are not that accustomed to be at the 'receiving end' of this sort - receiving honours on stage. Click on the above "print screen image". I was forced into that situation. Was feeling as uncomfortable as facing Joel Garner bouncers... because.... people that know me for a long time know why. I was prepared to face and take bouncers on the shoulders but not a garland landing softly and affectionately on the shoulders! I was hearing the applause from the small gathering, as it landed.

No doubt it is an honour to be at such 'receiving end' situations sometimes. That was another feather in the cap... not mine... but our team's. But for the team, this would not have come by. Also, on that day we were winning the first ever T20 tournament in Mysore, to follow up the fine show this season and having won the Mysore Zone league and the Gopalswami Tournament final in a 3-day game. That amounts to winning all three versions in cricket equivalent of 100m, 200m and the 800m races! That was a good feeling, better than the garland!

Here are a few pictures my friend Gokul Swamy took and sent them over to me. I'm thankful for him being so thoughtful.