Thursday, May 16, 2013

My earliest batting video

This is not fun to watch like a Viv Richards or Chris Gayle innings, but this is the earliest batting video I have of me.  This was during our employer team's visit to Hyderabad for a tournament with sister organizations. Year was 2003 when digital cameras were yet to arrive, but video cameras were already a fancy and my team mate A.Srinivas was carrying his.  I knew he was taking some shots but did not know he was also shooting me in action.  So thanks to him, he later gave me a CD with these. 

Here it is on YouTube.  Read the description to the video also. 

Our team won the match eventually after I got out close to the target score after scoring 45 which was the highest. It was a rather scratchy innings because the ball kept moving around for many overs to cause trouble. I kept playing safe and stuck around with singles and twos while I hit the really loose ball.  Free stroke-making was difficult.  It was a slow and low pitch too.