Friday, December 2, 2011

My name on the web

In December 2011, I googled to see if any link shows up with my name with initials "K.R.Dinakar".  I thought of listing and saving links here as and when I found.  I have found quite a few, besides the ones that linkss my blogposts.  There are a few from the cricket reports in the press also.  I list a few.

2005 that weekday, but there was a cricket match and I did not want to miss both somehow!  Our team lost toss and we were asked to bat.  I wanted to finish my quota of  9 overs and attend office late, but then I found myself opening the batting. I could not get out and my stay extended to such a time that I had to apply leave for the day as I had to bowl in the afternoon session!  My team mates did not hint me I had crossed 90.  I was out for 94 playing a rather loose stroke. :(  It could have been the only century by me for The Mysore Gymkhana.  But this it remains the highest score by me for our club (besides the 3 centuries scored for my employer).

2004 cricket league report still on line.

During a cricket league match, we had this reporter from The Times of India on the ground.   As I was with him on the outfield during our team's batting, we saw what is reported here in this link and he (also a former team mate) mentions my name in his write-up the following day.

Bhopal 2007.  Cricket tournament.  The organizers still have this on their site.  List of players.  Since the captain did not turn up, I led our side which ended runner-up.

My letter published in Star of Mysore some time ago, but I was surprised that that is added here in this site.  This is about garbage burning problem, in our city and esp. close to our house.

2005 cricket league match link still on line.

There are a few links where I have placed some comments also, but I've not included it, but for this for a sample.

Look for my name in the second para that is with a bunch of bold letters. Some credit that!!

I had contributed on request, a write-up on Katte for Star of Mysore.  Somaari Katte.  This site has that write-up here:   My name is shown at the end.... it is actually me, this blogger.

My name was showing up in some other links also,  Curious, I peeped into them because I thought my name and initials together were rare and not as common as a Smith or Shankar or Salman.   I was surprised when I found that 'I am' a doctor  and also a leading Corporate Lawyer in Bangalore and living in Basavanagudi also!  See this link!  They were not me!

I was boasting that I was the only one with the initials and name put together.  I now realize there may still be more and I shall stop boasting from now onward!