Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bowling video clips - update

On 31st May, just before the 2012 season matches began, I thought of looking at my bowling action again. I had  made my club mate take a few clips at the nets on 21st June last year.  I had not played much cricket last year due to various reasons.  Coming back fresh and starting to work on the game and fitness is always a nice feeling.  

This time, Raghunandan took the video clips from my FZ8 Panasonic digital camera. It records files in the .mov format.  Windows Movie Maker does not support that type of files.  So I had to download 'any video converter' and make it to .mpg which is listed with WMM. Extra work! I have stitched together about 12-13 short clips.  2011 set revealed something about the perpendicularity of the bowling arm.  Now it is straighter, the way I desired.  The landing left foot need to be a bit more facing the second slip rather than gully!  I haven't noticed all these pre-digital era [in my case] that spanned 32 years. My 34th season will help me improve on these!  Better late than never, for my own satisfaction!  The dream of seeing myself bowling in a match is still a dream.  New ball swinging, leg cutters, slower ball, etc.  In the nets, it is usually the old ball.