Monday, July 16, 2007

Some pictures from my Cricket album

Right: 1974 picture from the Box Camera - posing, trying to copy action from sports magazines. The 'backyard cricketer'!

Before the match, during 'warm-up practice'. A fine shot by V.Shankar of NAL, Bangalore who had his camera on tour. Came to know of this shot only when I saw the print! 1985, Poona Club Ground. It seems a perfect shot by me as well!

This one on the right is again taken by Shankar during the Nets at NCL ground, Pune during the same camp, 1985. I was the last batsman for the session and all the fielders had been called on to the off side and I was asked by our coach "Nana" Joshi to hit shots only on that side. Here is my favourite back foot punch that gave me lots of fun if not runs! Again, I was amazed to see in print my favourite shot! Thanks Shankar.

Heads of Sarfraz and Hafeez on top in this picture [left] by a passerby has been chopped off. Very unfortunate. 1985 camp. Nana Joshi with us. Shankar is the one seen with least hair. It was a fantastic camp that lasted ten days. Everybody enjoyed their cricket, their stay, as a team. The coach was a person of great qualities. He used to show how to dive to hold catches and he was 61 at that time.

This picture [right] was taken at Jammu on my first tour with the CSIR team in 1983. The chief guest was the then Chief Minister of J&K, Dr. Farooq Abdulla.

In 1987, our CSIR team played the Nayudamma Memorial Tournament at Delhi. Chief Guest for the Inauguration was the then Indian Captain, Kapil Dev. Seen here is Subramanya of NAL to my right, Hafeez, Venkatesh, Manager Narayanan. Our team won the final.

For the first time, I was representing the CSIR cricket team in a Coaching Camp before we went to Jammu later in the year, 1983. It was at Poona. Former Test Wicket-keeper Nana Joshi was our coach. SS Wazir from Jammu, a Ranji Trophy player was our captain. Traveling alone was an adventure for me as I was doing so for the first time. It was smooth. All travel arrangements there were by letters and not by telephone as we do nowadays! BD Kocchar was the organizer there at NCL, Poona and this picture was sent by him to all the players by post on his own - what a fine gesture! The way he took care personally, of all the arrangements and players was exemplary. It was a great trip to begin my stint with the CSIR cricket team. All faces were new to me! I was happy to have Subramanya, Giridhar and Indrakumar from NAL, Bangalore because I could speak Kannada with them, being not well-versed in Hindi which most of my team-mates conversed.

Smiles on this picture on the left is because it was a re-take as the photographer had missed the moment and that we missed the hands on re-take. Look where the hands are! It was for the CFTRI team.

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