Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cricket and me, looking back

This picture was taken by my Sri B.S.Subbakrishna [eldest brother of B.S.Chandrasehkar, also my first cousin] who was visiting Mysore from Chicago, USA in April 2007. He wanted a picture of me on that famous pavilion at Maharaja's College Ground. Incidentally, my favourite ground and on which I had the good opportunity to play 110 matches! The letter "L" on the "Pavilion" there took a hit from a sixer hit by { in 196_ } . That letter was tilted for a few decades, as if to remember that great hit from the middle. It has since been set right. Sri Subbakrishna remembered his days with the Sunny Side.
My third year playing with the regular cricket ball got me in to the Mysore Zone team, 1981, through The Mysore Gymkhana.


Chethan said...

Hello Dinakar,
I'm sure this comment would have you surprised, unless you already "talked" to madhukar. Thought I'd drop a snippet as I share your old memoirs. I'm Harsha's (Shastry) cousin,and vividly remember you when you had come to meet Harsha (late 80s or 90-91). I think the comment from Harsha which helps me remember is when he expressed that you were a better fast bowler than Srinath.
Can't forget accompanying him for some of his matches in and around mysore.

Dinakar KR said...

Thanks for your 'snippet'. When they came to settle in Mysore from Tuticorin, it was I 'H' had a friend - one of the very few then! We used to go for jogging together. I remember one of my cover drives at our club nets from his new "Bomber" bat. The ball really traveled like a bomb into the Ursu boarding compound, across the road from our 'old NIE' practice wicket- a good 100 yards [those were days when there wes no rubble or weed in the way, like the mess today - of course, the underpass road has come on recently]. With 'H' I played just a couple or so matches, but he used to tell every detail [too much detail for listener's comfort in fact!!] of matches he played for his team. Anyway, those were good days! Regards/D

Rekha Anil said...

Hi Dinakar
Yes, Prasanna has told me about you while recaptuing his Mysore Gymkhana days. He had mentioned about your blog also.
Nice blog..Browsed through it .will read more when I get time..I was trying to spot Prasanna in the photo. He is not in the frame.