Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Joy of TV-watching Cricket

Watching a cricket match on TV is not just sitting back, with some junk food by the side, counting runs, overs and wickets [not calories either!]. Cricket is for enjoyment of both the player and the beholder. In my opinion, this element of enjoyment will be missed if we take sides while watching. It would not have been cricket if Tendulkar scored a century each time he walked out to bat, or if Anil Kumble took a wicket with every ball he bowled, or India won each and every game! This is what the fanatics foolishly expect. Siding makes one tense esp., if the favoured team does badly. I know some friends who stay away from the TV when India is playing, just for that reason! "Result-in-favour-of-India-oriented" watching is no fun. It is here people miss the wonderful nuances of this great game. We must learn to recognize and appreciate the finer points of good cricket, be it from any team. That can be more pleasurable than mere statistics. Patriotism should not be taken too far while watching a cricket match. We must always keep in mind that Cricket is a hard-fought game played between two teams and the winner is always the one who performs better than the other on that day. So much involved are many, that they watch the game as if they are commanding the actions on far away grounds! One has to experience the enjoyment of watching cricket sans siding! Foolish things and brilliant acts happen and no body knows when they are coming by! After all, not for nothing, cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties.


பாரதிய நவீன இளவரசன் said...

I agree with you 100 per cent. However, an Indian victory against the odds, particularly in Australia, South Africa, WI or Pak really makes us to feel ecstatic. And finally today Tendulkar went past 100 mark, and with brilliance and grace he made those boundaries and that six. It was really a virtual treat for all those who watched his today's play.

Dinakar KR said...

Yes, I saw the match in bits and pieces for a total of less than an hour and it was a delight! Fine partnership and as Gavaskar said the previous day itself 'a perfect Test innings from Tendulkar'. I also missed the discussion about technology use in umpiring decisions, during the break. I'm also not for too much use of technology. That human element is what makes cricket interesting.

Steve Waugh today says that the best should stand in the high-rated series such as this instead of neutral umpires and I'd agree with him because nowadays, with all those video footages available, umpires too cannot go scot-free with too many mistakes, neutral or not.

Of course, who does not like India performing well against odds and against such a well balanced and talented side as Australia? What I meant to emphasize was 'that should not be the sole criterion of viewing'.