Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some of my bowling videos for study

Situations and reasons beyond control had put me off cricket for many months for the first time ever, in the meanwhile, there was a fracture of the little toe following a freak accident at home when a crowbar came crashing down on it! So unable to wear shoes for 2 months. That is just one of them.

When I resumed playing again in late August, I thought of studying how my bowling action was - a long time dream! Even these little pocket digital cameras can do the videos now! Spotted some minor things that asked for being bettered. The shoot helped, which a teammate did.

After nearly two months, another short session was done but by this time the feeling was the old usual thing and the little nit had been sharpened out because I was aware. My other dream still stays as a dream.. that of watching myself bowling during an actual match. Because the effort that goes in during a match situation is probably one gear higher. That is the real thing. So let's see when that will be happening. I've seen people shooting videos at one or two tournament matches out of Mysore, but since I know they were for some 'record purposes' I have never bothered to procure a copy.

Now even under-19 state and zone teams are having a 'video analyst' traveling with them. This I learnt from my good friend from North Zone, Pitambar Dutt who introduced me to his colleague who was one, when their team was here in Mysore some months back. This is how technology can help a player improve further and further.


This is Sharath Babu, a youngster with lots of talent.

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