Thursday, November 29, 2007

Famous cricketers visiting us!

Our house in Devaparthiva Road has a unique distinction of having been set foot by famous national cricketers. First one of course is BS Chandrsekhar. It was always in awe people of the road and at least I used to look when he arrived here visiting his paternal aunt, my grandmother. GR Viswanath had once accompanied him when they came together to some function as guests sometime in 1975 or so when both were just about at their peaks of their careers and winning matches for India.
Much later, Javagal Srinath visited to meet his friend here. But the most surprising fact of Dattu Phadkar [all-r0under who played for India in 31 Tests] visiting our house is absolutely stunning. My memory became clearer when I stumbled upon a letter written by Kitti [my uncle] to his brother [my father] at Bombay. In his letter dated 24.2.1952 [still preserved] he informs about Phadkar visiting us. In fact, he was accompanying a close family friend renown as "Bombaai Ramaswamy" from the much renown "Bombay House" in Mysore, another great sports enthusiast too. I vaguely remember my grandfather mentioning about Phadkar, but our small age could not retain this unfamiliar name. It was there in the 'recycle bin' though. Ramaswamy, in all probabilities, had brought Phadkar to meet my sportsman-grandfather.

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jfkmiddle said...

Cricket commentator Parthasarathy needs a honorable mentioned. He lived in the huge house at the corner of 5th main, Vani Vilasa Mohalla,Mysore. Mysore Tennis club and Vontikoppal club needs some mention. My grandfather would talk about some Professor M.H.Gopal, who was a Patron of Vontikoppal club, along with my dad's friend Sethuraman and Subramanyam (R.Krishnaswamy and sons, paper merchants).