Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ranji Trophy matches in Mysore

Of late, Mysore hosting a Ranji Trophy Cricket match is becoming 'usual' what with improved facilities and grounds. I was at the ground - not on the ground, playing - this time to witness a couple of hours of cricket.
"I prefer to play rather than watch", much like what "Nana" Joshi had told in Pune many years back, but that's another story.
It was after many years I was witnessing a Ranji tie, thanks to my friend, who had given me a 'pass'. Karnataka were on the field the first day, allowing Rajasthan to dominate. He was out before we arrived second day.

Gangotri Glades had been shaped up nicely. Quite a number of people turned up to witness, most probably to see Robin Uthappa in action, in particular. It was true. When I was arriving on the second afternoon, with my family, people were leaving the ground, as if Bradman was out, and I had come to know that Robin had been just out for 55. But I had to witness the dismissal of local lad KB Pawan and Sudhindra Shinde also. Karnataka were in trouble and they never came out of it despite Yere Goud's century the next day. Eventually, Rajasthan went back with more points.
I had my camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ8 with me. Here are a few shots I took at the ground on the first two days. I could not be there on the the last two.

Sunil Joshi and B.Akhil in the two corners batting, Robin does a warm-down walk in the bottom left picture while two Karnataka players have 'a knock' after the first day's play.
Shinde and Pawan at the change of overs.

A section of the crowd.

83-year old veteran BK Ananda Rao, a leg-spinner in his hey days watches the game on the second day.

Local lad Pawan plays a defensive shot to the off.

I liked this defensive shot. Everything seems to be technically correct here. Ball hitting the middle of the bat, right beside his outstretched left pad, eyes over the ball, high left elbow, slackened bottom hand grip, back foot heel lifted, but toe inside crease! Bishnoi or Bisht of Rajasthan, I know not. Towards the end of the first day. Uthappa is at silly mid-off.

Pavilion view of the ground - two separate pictures.

Another photo-collage showing various batting action shots.

I think it is NC Aiyappa. But it may be Akhil or Vinay Kumar. I know not from these shots I took. [Except for Akhil, Robin, Pawan and Joshi, I cannot put names to any other faces in the Karnataka team]. But I loved the way these pictures turned out. You can spot the ball in the frame in each one except two or three.



My Blogs said...


Nice to see and also read your articles. Keep going. Thanks for giving us nice articles.


Hari said...

Dinu, Good tidy work behind the camera, the snaps are impressive!!

This ground has turned out to be something, still remember the first real game we played (the Div 1 Champion ship game, I cannot recall the team's name, its was umpire's subaa's team (the one who denied our 1st City League Title :(..) where it was dry with stones and pebbles.

Wonder how the wicket is now, was fast and lively back then, I sound like an old man now :)



Dinakar KR said...

You are welcome. Am glad you like the lines.

Thanks for the appreciation. Sounding like an old man, eh - you are on the way to becoming one!

Subba's team I think is FUCC. Yea, who forgets the denial of that thick-edge CBW? The Glades wicket is very good for batting. Outfield is good too. A scenic ground.

Raj said...

Cingrates, the articles were good to read. I must admit the photos are not very impressive though.

Dinakar KR said...

What can you expect from an amateur photographer who was making his debut with cricket photography?